Those lines of rays,

Comes down always,

And hug the drops of lakes.

A bird is flying.

That's satisfying,

When the time takes its place.

But heron always is thinkin'

A bout the days of hunger.

No better place to live in,

Is mean to come a ranger.

Heron is movin' round the world

And through two hands of healin'.

Taking the evil out from Wolves

And builds the steps of cleaning,

On broken heart...

Heron inneed of love,

To bring his face to life,

And makin' him to see the green.

The rainbow's lamp is on.

The wishes stays upon,

An eye of future clearly seen.

Now heron start to thinkin',

Ain't no more days of danger.

The better way to settle,

Is never to being a ranger.

Let's come together darlings.

Let's sense the life's secrets.

We have a link to startin',

We have all kinds of braclets.

To open a heart....

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