How's sun lookin like


Sun takes that light from her face

when she stares

Ain't no sparkling swift through the space

when she stares

Like a waterfalls of river nile

what's hers, a hair!

Every star of a drop shining a while

as she turns

Most of jungles seem too green

on her wishes

Longest distance comes so near

when she's inches

Walked a mile witout misery in her eyes

too much joys

Tenderness wears sweet dreams full of lights

whisper's voice

And i don't know that she's with me

when i'm insane

And i never think of importance to thee

'till she rains

The wind she brought out

Perfumes of looks sinkin loud

And i never forget the way she leads

Then i don't deny the wings she spreads

Into inside of my confused of her words

Through the sign of commands of artery rules

Sun brings that rise from her shyings

when she stares

Even sunset's waving her mouth smiles

when it fades

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