I had a dream, of days gone by

Misread my dream, as living

Back then it had, all gone awry

And thus perceived, as not forgiving               


I was naive and unafraid

Those many chances, I then wasted

My life’s debts, not yet repaid

So then, remorse had tasted


I dreamed this dream, bred by guilt

Of choices flawed, of times I erred

And each offence, on me engraved

Till now my soul, I’ve bared


Those visions struck, in the night

Each wrong, as loud as thunder

And dreams of mine, so torn apart

Those youthful whims, my blunder


Thus, I exposed my heart and soul         

For all the world to see

In hopes my sins, soaked in my tears

Would flow, like a river, out to sea


But such distress, gave no forgiveness

Brought not, my sorrows end

It was the penance, I had to pay

So that my life, could mend


Still, while I dreamed, it seemed to me                                                

Some years did come together

Yet others could not, last, nor be

Like storms, I could not weather


I had this dream, how it had been

So different, from the one I’m living

Misunderstood, my dream it seems

Find life, is more forgiving

BOEMS by JA 233    

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