If you find

You’re going blind

And your hearing starts to fail


It’s hard to talk

And you can’t walk

So you begin to flail


Your thoughts are blurred

Not being heard

You feel like using Braille


Your head spins round

Starts to pound

So you begin to wail


Your stomach turns

Your food returns

And your face is turning pale


You start to hack

Try holding back

But it’s to no avail


You start the heaves

Your butt hole leaves

Does in your throat impale


You lose control

Of your asshole

You’ve reached the Holy Grail


Then your vomit

Spews a comet

Leaving such a pungent trail


There’s just one thing

To relief bring

Put your head into a pail


But do not breathe

While underneath

Just make sure you exhale


Thus, next time swear

You’ll take more care

And don’t drink so much ale

BOEMS by JA 200    

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