I put myself out there, I mean, out on the net

Said I was handsome, and drove a new Corvette

I worked real hard, all my life, so had money I could spare

But needed to find, the right someone, with whom I wish to share

Said I had, all my teeth and my head was full of hair

Didn’t need any glasses, but, had a hearing aid to wear

I was witty and real smart, own a house out in Bel Air

Had lots of women to choose from, but wanted to be fair

So you each will have a chance, to win this awesome prize

As long as you, are straight with me and don’t tell any lies

Please send me your picture, with a wee, processing fee

As a sort of small donation, for time spent, to get ready

You’ll not be disappointed when I knock upon your door

Just give me time to get there, as I am, one hundred and four

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