Comfort Thee my People - Isaiah 4-2

Oh Israel - defend yourself! - for hell
Surrounds you Israel on every side,
Strike hard, - against dark foes oh Israel !
Defeat abyss's minions with might.

Sole noble daughter of the Middle East,
Daughter of Zion, sovereign and blessed,
Now threatened by the dark infernal beast,
Of prophesy that oozes slime and pest.

Oh Lebanon! -your cedars high and proud
So much exalted in our Holy Writ
Are weeping, for you bow before the crowd
Of Hezbullies that on your values spit.
Oh Lebanon! why do you not excert
Your power to stop the foul and bloody hands
Of Syria and Teheran to hurt
And devastate your own and other lands?

Oh Israel - let rockets howl and scream,-
It's Teheran that pulls the bloody string,
Your cup of dolor is full to the brim,-
Yet hills and mountains of your glory sing.

Shame on the nations, all too slow to lend
Proud battling Israel the succor due<
Who violated,  must itself defend
Or else the nations of the world will rue!.

Fops do not help the Palestinians,
;But whip up their frustration to the crest,
hen pay for homicide bombers and their fans
And train them all to blame and hate the West.

Miopia and Oh! - indifference
Leave European nations lame and mute,
Or critizising Israel's self-defense
'Gainst powers lusting for the just man's blood.

Oh world! dull world! -have you the stamina
The glorious stamina of Israel ?
While you prefer appeasement of the ghouls
It stands alone against the force of hell.

Oh nations let this not be unaddressed,
Pay close attention, pray attend attend!
Indolent lookers-on might soon be pressed
And note that ARMAGEDDON is at hand.

© Elizabeth Dandy

Peophet jOEL 3:17
“So you shall know that I am the LORD your God, who dwells in Zion, my holy mountain. And Jerusalem shall be holy, and strangers shall never again pass through it.

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