JUDAS Iskariot

Oh hapless Judas! - preordained by God

For treason so that profit may accrue,

Oh pitiful and dreadful human lot,

So that salvation came to  me and you

Struck blind by high ambition, - it is true,

And disappointed by the Master so,-

This happens  to all those that do pursue

A goal with muddled minds, and then sink low.

He did betray the Master, yes, - betray,

But fathomed not the  consequence if it,

We do betray the Lord on any day

And comfortably in a church pew sit.

Lo! Judas did repent and took the rope

In shame and boundless sorrow of his deed,

Had lost faith in forgiveness, trust and hope,-

We hope in spite of ugly deeds and greed.

He gripped the goat-gut rope despairingly,

While turncoat  Christians feel so safe in Him,

And without qualms trust in the clemency

Of Christ the Savior that He will redeem.

A Christian is revealed by the degree

That he trusts God- that boundless mercy may

In infinite compassion find a way

To  pardon those who thoughtlessly betray.

Without poor Judas no salvation, he

Did merely execute divine a plan,

God's plan it was, - and not fortuity!-

Absolve the dull, distraught, disgruntled man!.

Blessed by the sculptor artist who did see,

And his work,- amazingly portray

A Judas set from raven  tunnels free

To find in Jesus’ arms his lasting stay

© Elizabeth Dandy

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