Fallen Stars

The nation mourns, - the nation as a whole

And deeply grieving is so many a soul-

It happened -  but  it was no Act of God;

Yet the Columbia Shuttle did explode.

Seventeen years ago - the Challenger

Did perish and the nation is aware

Of such a dreadful similarity,

Of loss tremendous and great tragedy

We have become blase in many a quest

And now have lost our bravest and our best

The shock too great to be believed the truth

But then it flashed on TV’s Breaking News”.

The seven Astronauts that manned the craft

Their talents unique - and all deeply loved,-

Who can imagine the great sorrow now

For loving families whose tears will flow

With confidence the champions went on board,

And into atmospheric realms roared,

Accepting space’s risks with bravery

But the bold voyage turned to tragedy

They ‘d felt the need so greatly to explore

The stars and planetary bodies more,

How dangerous to navigate in space

To benefit the fickle human race.

But lookers-on heard hissing  whoosh and whiz

The craft broke up, and down rained foul debris

A jarring sound, and then a sonic boom

The ship and astronauts had met their doom

Mission Control had lost at last contact

As shooting star Columbia broke up

The sensors failed, re-entry did abort

Take onto you the crew we pray good Lord!

The nation  deeply mourns, pours out its love.

And our flags are flying at half staff,

So excellent  and so audacious team

But for The Challenger have never been.

Great is the shock,-  still quite beyond belief

The people weep and  mourn their Stars and grieve;.

It even seems grief individual

When juxtaposed to this seems rather small

God’s scales do weigh the weight and the import

Of every grief, and justly weighs the Lord

Oh our brightest shining stars are gone

Their work was finished, ,-done,- and they are Home!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What loss of precious life!
May the Lord comfort the families of the ill-fated Columbia Shuttle Crew

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