Sweet Summer's Fall

The hour grows late and the world grows still. Around us, only the passing of the wind; an electric summer's night thrill.

Would you like to walk with me a while?

We can explore the night under the watchful moon's eye. Laugh and run through the shadows; laughter echoes chasing us down the empty streets,
and filling the night around us. Chemical sparked electricity charging us, charging through; as you tease, I tease and chase - the eternal race.

Would you like to dance with me? Underneath the starry-night sky, and through miniature street lamp suns as they flicker above; sparking out and
in to existence - an electric counterpart to our beating hearts that race inside our chests.

Slow-dance-swirl and into my arms you whirl; whipping hair striking my face - a silken sussuration of sound and delight. Hands clasped around
your arms as your hair fills my face; world narrowing down to just the scent of you, and I breathe you in. Heart beat pounding, the tempo of your
veritas sings to me; as the stars align amidst our microscopic explosions - each second booming louder than the last.

Eyes closed and I'm leaning into you, as you lean back into me. Your hands slide up the outside of my braced thighs, as your fingers inch their way higher.
Firmly clasping, you hold on to me - grasping, to keep hold on earthbound reality; as it slowly slips, and consciousness starts to drift to hazy neverwhere.
Sliding face down, my eyelashes tease your ear. Slowly exhaled breath slips heavily into your ear, a warm roaring of tingling anticipation. Lips graze your earlobe, and
my right hand reaches up and works fingers casually into your hair. Your head tilted aside, as my lips find exactly where your thundering pulse hides, in the silken
quivering of your neck.

The moan that rumbles through you, and purrs from between pursed lips almost unknowing; starts a fire burning that threatens all reason.

Then you are whirled around and our lips are bound, magnetically found and inexorable.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The prelude to a CL post I made, searching for something new and just maybe; something wondrous.

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