The Broken Road

There are tears on her face, another lie given over,

'nother smiling face, given up the grin, another,

hungry soul, pushin' her down again.

Such a fragile creature, her innocence draws the demons,

hungry for the hope, starved with the need,

of the oft broken heart, to bleed.

They clamor round, feeding at the joy in her smile,

leeching the smile from her eyes, breaking her,

breaking her beautiful mind, taking her,

taking everything.

She locks it up, all inside, in a fortress so deep,

so high, locks it up, hopes the demons, will go,

she hopes, in the dark to hide, she hopes, to hide,

curled up, down on the floor, so deep inside,

she hopes, the screams will cease.

But the screams are hers, and they echo loudest,

in the darkness, of reclusion, in seclusion,

where broken souls, go to bleed.

Beautiful child, woman, eyes turned skyward, tears,

tracking, paths across the soul, bearing sorrow,

bearing shame, silver streams, stealing down,

innocence burns, in flames, as they cascade down,

a river of, her soul's confusion, the broken flood,

of her pain.

Child, woman, girl, darkness only, an illusion,

a game the mind plays, a game, when no more,

can the mind, bear to see, a game played,

when every option, means we bleed.

Darkness fades way to gray, and all the tightly held,

lies, that it's all ok, when you fall, get back up,

and go on your way, the necessary lies, coming back,

from the dead sea, of grief, lies, we all,

so hungrily need.

Every wound, leaves its scar, and they dwell deepest,

the easiest, for us to pretend, least of our concern,

easiest to pretend, that they were never really real,

just a lie, reality, all surreal.

In the darkness, she rocks herself, mind so far away,

back to childhood innocence, and maybe whens, so far away,

from the tears, that never seem to end, the tears,

that make life and hell, seem so, seem,

like an intrinsic blend.

She comes, out of her solitude, heart shriven by neglect,

body armored, in the fear of deceit, she comes, hardened,

to any, that are better, that she might meet, she comes,

harder in her distance, colder in regard, she comes,

with the desire, to make them, make them all, think twice,

before using her to feed.

Her armor, never leaves her now, in every word, every deed,

carefully hidden, but always ready, ready to,

to hide it all away, to disappear, when any light, threatens,

to meet, her secret, to fulfill, that which she fears,

for anything, to touch her heart, kiss the scars, make the past,

reality, all so surreal, for anybody, to be,

what deep inside, she is scared to need.

Because to need, she would have to be, that innocent child,

able to be broken, with her mind wide open, a heart, ready,

to trust, she is afraid, to be, so vulnerable, to admit,

such a need, so she hides the key, and prays, it disappear,

without the key, she would have no temptation, to elation,

when the chance comes, to let the armor fall down, to fall.

So she prays to hide, and fabricates the excuses needful to,

because even the screams she no longer hears, inside her mind,

are safer than the smile of that cute boy, or the mind he shows,

the mind that makes her previous truths, all seem, makes everything,

seem, as if she had been blind.

He narrows his blue eyes, he sees past the walls, to where she hides,

a gentle voice, deeply resonating, he explains, that he knows,

he knows.

Her walls come crumbling down, light blinding eyes, grown used to,

being lost in the darkness of inner seclusion, the walls come down,

leaving her unprotected, but freeing her mind.

He holds out a hand, caring smile held, patiently in place,

with gentle words, he tries to cross a divide, inches long,

and a broken soul deep, he tries, and, she cries, cries,

that it's like nothing she ever knew, she cries, the reality,

of this truth, too surreal, and she cries, because the light blinds,

and his truth burns, she burns.

Her life long expectations, falling down, heart shot through, by simple,

honest words, they fall, leaving her with a reality, that was never,

supposed to be, an answer to prayers, prayers prayed with secret futility,

the answer one, who overwhelms, who challenges, all she knows.

And he knows, he knows, So he holds out his hand, care in his eyes,

as he explains, of his own life, and his long held, lovingly nurtured,

pains, he shows her he knows, her wants and needs, a smile in his voice,

hand out held, providing a choice, and he hopes, he hopes.

Because the blue eyed boy, with his care filled smile, he has walked this road,

life long mile, after mile, losing more pieces of his mind, than he cares to recall,

claiming some fondness for sanity, he declines to recall, hand held to so many,

eyes filled with hope, as the walls fall down, eyes grown sad, as they walk away,

refusing, that he has any further part to play, refusing, the chance of his heart.

So he stands, with one hand reaching, his used heart open, his broken soul,

willing, to spend, some more of his grace, to see, this broken child, girl,

woman, smile, to see her eyes fill with joy, see her misused parts, made whole,

to give, this special person, the possibility, a chance, to find, the love,

she read of, in story books, as a girl, to find a love, in the arms,

of this oft broken child, this, broken boy.

And so this broken man hopes, as he waits, as her mind spins, choices revolving,

emotions tumbling all around, he hopes, that this time, is the last time,

his hand, his heart, his soul, go out, to touch, to break, walls hiding, fragility,

walls hiding the last remnants of sanity, only to be, found inconsequential,

leaving him a little more lost than before, the hope in his eyes, dimmer than before.

And he hopes.

He hopes.

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