The Winds Blow

There is this singing in my ears.......

This sound.......... is..

Ringing in my soul.

It's coming from somewhere,

somewhere, I just don't know.

The wind is sighing through the trees,

bitter winds blowing, lightning lances, night darkened sky,

thunder, a whipping lash, thrumming inside of me,

laughter echoing, fierce smile growing, teeth bared,

and it's showing, just what it is to be freed,

the storm rages on.

Fury building, winds whipping, clothing snap, snapping,

laughter mocking, as your desires, are pulling at me,

arms raised high, palms facing outward, the challenge,

not yet met, no, no, not quite.

Smiling at the face of it, laughing at the rage of it,

trees bowing, breaking, my knees, unbending,

daring you to do your worst.

Hellish voices, tempest shrieking, winds, tearing, clawing,

and I'm, walking towards you,

arms wide, and so broken, yet heart wide open, unafraid,

no longer afraid.

I've been to the breaking, even lent a hand, in the,

self unmaking, come out the other side with eyes,

able to see, with eyes, unafraid to see.

And I'm no longer afraid, of the breaking,

my hands, they've ceased, their constant shaking,

and I'm at peace with the knowledge, of my journey,

and its' making, I have to lose to win, I have to suffer,

time and again, I'll suffer the stones and the arrows,

to win.

Storm raging, all around, clouds, overhead,

single ray shining, down amidst the chaos,

shining down, illuminating me, dancing in blue eyes,

highlighting full lips, I walk along,

and your storm washes over me, untouched,

I walk along, laughter growing, your storm winds blowing,

so close, yet a world away, from me.

And I will win,

time and again,

in the end.

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