One and All

As we dance along, hand in hand, to this music without beat,

rythym all but lost, existing only, in the gliding of hands, covering,

the stumbling of feet.

Dancing along, hope writ plain, in eyes, too bright,

smiling, clenched lips, held tight, and hands, gliding round and round,

feet, clumping, thumping, bumping along the ground.

Marionette strings, lifting arms, poised just so, jerking heads,

twitching lips, as we pirouette, oh so obscene.

Mannequin grace, held aloft, spinning, dancing, blurring, fading,

tortured protestations, given voice, in the creaking and the fraying,

given life, by the breaking, splinters flying, every which way.

Strings still pulling, tugging along, all we have left,

smiles in place, we're jerked around, in all our wooden, mannequin grace,

mockery beaming, from every face, as our heads are jerked,

jerked, always in their place.

Shattered into pieces, one and all, we dance along,

hither thither and yon, we gambol along,

we continue our show for you.

Your amusement is all, you don't care that we've broken,

no, no, you don't care, not at all,

for your amusement is,

one and all.





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