I trace my scars, their jagged twisted lines,

travelling down my heart, threaded through a soul,

I wonder if, will ever be whole, I trace them with my mind,

as I travel back through time, all those times.

I travel back in time, I relive it all, in my mind,

tracing those scars, red-hot razor in hand,

etch them deep, to never forget, no no,

this is something, this is for keeps.

Relive the pain, and relive the screams,

remember all the failures, all the coulda beens,

recall all the debts created, track all those unpaid.

Etch it in the bone, keep it deep, with the secrets,

and the nightmares, lock it up and bury it down,

down, where the darkness, is the only thing around.

Every life touched, every heart broken,

every bit of love received, every single lie believed,

remember, with every single beat, of a single heart,

every single love and every single way they fucked you up.

Carve it deep, and watch that blood run down,

burn it in and remember, the sound of your screams,

burn it in and remember, the sound of your screams,

burn it in and remember, the sound of your screams,

burn it in and remember.....

My scars never heal, because I never forget,

each and every one, carving them anew,

pain a brother and masochism, a long time friend,

and screaming a sound, that only gets,

easier and easier to forget.

For every person I've failed, every time you've failed me,

I bleed, bleeding it all out, inside my walls of solitude,

where the screams are inside and so constant,

they go without being heard, and I bleed.

For every single cut, the cutter makes in flesh,

I've cut my mind, so many countless times,

cutting, until I'm numb, longing for an end,

cutting, to feel something, anything at all,

anything to fill my nothing.

Longing for something, to fill the nothingness,

searching for something, always,

always searching.

So thank you, to those,

who kissed away the tears, you never knew were there,

thank you for finding, something to love and like,

for helping me, in ways you'll never understand,

thank you for being, the encouragement to believe,

people can be better, than they often are.

Thank you for giving, me the reasons,

to struggle through another day,

thank you for being you, most of all,

and thank you for all the silent, unseen tears,

you've dried.

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