I was tracing the scars on your heart, burned into your soul,

that late night, when I stared into your eyes, as I ran my hand,

down your neck and face.

Lost was I, in the silky softness of your skin, lost was I,

in the feeling of completion within.

Long hours spent longing, satiated, running my fingers,

through your hair, down your neck, across your face,

over the slightly chapped lips so full, that slowly, so slowly,

began to part for me.

Touching you, seeing you, smelling you too,

such simple sensations, yet almost all I could do,

when the nearness and the feel, of you,

overwhelmed me, were so much more, than I knew.

Chapped lips, full lips, lips I want to make mine,

parting, as my fingers keep brushing, till, the moisture,

of your mouth, I can just feel.  

Knowing, as I do, you fight the urge, to suck them,

as I fight the urge to, take your mouth with mine.

Kissing you and losing, track of all, for all times,

lost in the sensations, fist clenched in your hair,

you're straining for me, as I keep, just inches away,

wanting you, even more, as you fight to pull forward, try to reach for,

fight so hard for, the wanting of me.

I relax a bit, just to feel, those hungry lips,

your straining tongue, almost touch the skin,

where I want you so bad, of my neck.

And I cannot resist, any longer, your mouth far too sweet,

lips much too hungy, and alas, my hands are much better,

served, in devouring the softness of your skin, than keeping,

us from enjoying, passion's call, from deep down in.

Your smell and taste, intoxicating, your eyes,

hypnotize my world and everything is arights,

with you in my arms and my teeth playing,

against your silky soft skin, or afterward,

when you burrow your head into me, like a pillow,

and absolve me of my sins.

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