Beautifully Tragic

This world seems. so sad and. so lonely. everytime I. reach out. I grab on to. nothing. everytime my. heart grows. so sad.  You're always. there but. you're never. here. no matter. what I do. I can't fuck. you away. I can't. cry you out. bleeding. does no good.  You're always. there in me. yet I. never. find you. the hope starts. to burn so. bad.  I love you. and I don't. even know. who. you are.  You're the reason. my reason. to wake up. and fight.  I love you. I know you. don't even. know who. I am.  Yet I know. you're there and. someday. somewhere. I'll be. right there. next to. you.  All I. really want is you.  Just to. touch you. to feel you. and drink you. in.  Run your. hair through. my fingers. run my. fingertips. down your face. and feel. that I've finally. found someone. to fill the empty space.  I only want to. find you. and love you. to let you in.  I want to. kiss you. and tell you. without words. just how much. of the. world you are. to me.  My heart is. too big it. hurts from. all the. things I want. to give to you.  I want to. kiss you. and touch you. stare into. your eyes and. show you. what real love. can be.  I don't want. every. pretty. face I see. I just. want the one who. makes my. heart race. someone to. kiss. where I. find myself. in another. time and place.  I want to, make you feel, like you can do everything.  I just want to. hold you. and find you. to love and. be loved in turn.  Someone. I can. show to. all the. things I've learned.  I may be. a fallen. angel lacking. in god's. grace but he. broke me. for a reason. and I can. make your. world complete. if only. I knew. in which. direction. to set my feet.

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