Deep Blue

I've lived a hundred years, in your eyes,

aged and died in those dark blue depths,

honey, can't you cry for me,

you haven't shed one single tear.

Your hand that's on my face,

cold and hard, never moves an inch,

without a trace of the love it used to have.

You love me just to leave me, all alone,

the light in your eyes, never shines,

your heart has died, it lies still and dead as stone.

A thousand thousand tears I've cried,

everyday waking to face my greatest fears,

honey you're never there with me,

even though your body is next to my side.

Where did you go, where have you gone,

what happened to, that beautiful laughing girl,

I once knew.  

Where went that hungry spark,

that burned in those eyes,

lit them up and scorched my soul.

No matter what, I can't seem to find,

where the happiness went, where it's all gone wrong,

but I do know, where it is I'm having to go,

to the depths of hell locked in my soul.

Honey, can't you see,

the distance in your eyes, is killing me.

What happened to your heart,

why won't you let me see,

please, hun, don't let this tear me apart.

I'd give all of my broken heart,

sell all of my soul, one dollar at a time,

just to have you laugh once more,

with those eyes so full of love,

while you pull your face to my lips.

All I ever get from you, a fleeting touch,

a lingering of cold skin, along shaking fingertips,

what I wouldn't give to have you back,

and know you're mine.

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