Oh, baby, pleeeeeease,

what do-ya see,

these hungry eyes,(pause) looking at you,

these eyes of mine,(pause) that see right through.

My teeth are sharp,(pause) my soul is true,

oh these awful things,(pause)oh the dirty things,

I long to do.

Just take my hand, let it go,

look into my eyes, fall into,

just fall right in, I've things to show.

There are things to see, do ya, baby, do ya,

wanna trust in me.  I'll take you down, show you things,

few will ever see.

I'll let you in, this physical........fantasy,

make you believe, just you wait and see.

I can touch your skin, and burn your soul,

I'll take you to, a place only I can show,

where your body is music, and I'll sing you a song of sin.

Once my eyes have burned into your heart,

and I've touched your skin,

you'll never be the same, no........never again.

You'll be my addict,(pause) I'll be your drug,

my passion burns,(pause) and my soul is flame,

once you play in this fire,

you're never(drawn out) the same.

I burn everything,(pause) down to the ground (drawn out)

this reality, will come undone,

when I let it all go, and let the fires burn,

my soul of flame, will outshine the sun.

I love it all, I feel no shame,

give me your love, your pain,

I want it all, give me everything.

Your breathe is hot,(pause) skin so soft,

your smell is everything, a woman should be,

I can taste your scent, it makes me throb,

these teeth long for your skin,

I want to bathe in those fires,

that burn within.

I wonder if you can see,

this fire....... shining in my eyes,

I can smell your desire,

I can almost hear, where you need my touch,

all that's left to do,

darlin all that's left for you,

admit it openly, and honestly,

let the fire burn through,

and we'll make it true.

So many,(pause)so many,

lovely, dirty things,

that I'm willing to do,

the fire almost ready to light,

and I'm ready to burn like this,

just for you.

All that's left, baby,

all you need is to,

accept the fire, and fall into,

these eyes are burning,

will you give yourself to the desire,

and let it take everything

will you give it all up,

welcome in the fire.

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