Feeding That Need

Sexy time

I can't help but love,

the way you moan as we kiss,

that sweet little sigh,

as my lips touch yours,

before you close your eyes.

You always seem to pause,

just after we part,

almost as if you need time,

to quiet the pounding of your heart.

The way your body sings,

as I do these myriad wicked,

wonderful things to you.

You writhe and gasp,

unable to be still,

as your body is seeking

what it can't yet have,

that beautiful, spasmic wanting,

with your legs splayed for me,

as you push yourself towards,

what in your mind seems so near.

Silky-soft skin, under my hand,

sweat sheens you, your heart racing so fast,

smelling your sex as the desire burns.

My lips brushing against,

softly trembling lips,

that curve in your neck,

that hollow in your throat,

where I let my eye teeth go.

Feeling my hot breath in your ear,

feeling the rapid pounding in my chest,

closing your eyes as you whimper,

sharp teeth gently pulling,

as you gasp.

It hurts but you like it,

making your blood pound,

the wetness between your legs is on fire,

you're craving the warmth of me against you,

pulsing and sliding within you.

I know exactly what is in your mind,

desire burns through me as,

you're consumed with that burning need,

I love knowing you crave me,

and to get what you want,

you'll need to beg me down on your knees,

because I'm not gonna accept a simple "please".

You aren't quite ready to cave,

I love how you're resisting,

submitting to that burning ache inside,

it makes me want you so bad,

I can feel myself getting wet,

so hard, I almost hurt,

but I'm not giving in,

not yet.

I run my lips across your chest,

sliding my tongue around your nipples,

blowing air on them,

watching them reach for the sky.

Your breasts sway as you try not to squirm.

As I feel your skin get chill,

I lean forward to wrap them in the warmth,

of my lips and massage them with my tongue,

one by one.

The blood flow peaks, sensation at its most,

I slowly tease them with my teeth,

letting the sharpness and the thrill,

of potential danger, keep your blood pumping,

always leaving you wondering,

whether or not the next will hurt,

or just burn so good.

Leaving kisses followed by trailing,

warm, wet tongue, I move down your stomach.

You tense and your breathing is so rapid,

I kiss a slow circle around your belly button,

tickling those soft, downy hairs.

I can smell your aching sex now,

my mouth just inches away,

hungrily tasting the area,

you've so carefully bared.

The sweet smell of your desire,

makes my mouth water even as,

it makes me throb for the wanting of you.

Grabbing you by the legs, I pull you towards me,

at the edge of the bed.

I caress your firm ass and thighs,

kissing them softly,

as I work my fingers over the muscles.

I rest your sexy legs against my shoulders,

leaning forward I raise them up,

slowly spreading them apart.

Unable to take my eyes from,

your moistened lips,

as they're so teasingly revealed.

Slowly, I rub my lips against you,

taking your saltiness in my mouth,

massaging your quivering labia with my tongue.

The heat that radiats from you,

is overcoming my senses,

those sounds you're making,

make me so very hard,

it's getting difficult,

to do this slow.

I stroke your clit,

from base to tip,

flicking with my tongue,

rubbing with my lip.

I massage all around you,

loving every bit I can,

sliding my hardened tongue inside you,

enjoying your hot thighs so close,

loving every sound.

Thrilling is the taste of you,

it fills me with desire,

as your hot cum drips into my mouth.

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