You are such a special treasure in my heart,

everyday I can't hold you I miss you more,

whenever you're not around , I forget to smile,

I can't remember how to start.

I love your laughter almost as much,

as the love I hear in your voice,

the way your happiness lifts me up,

when I need you most.

What hurts most of all, is when I realize,

I can't be there to share your burdens,

not able to wrap my arms around you,

is when it's almost too much to stand.                                              

The times I can't give you the relief you need

cradle you in love and safety,

when your heart can't help but bleed.

I love you so very much, for so many different things,

you've helped me to be better than I was before,

gave me something to hope for,

when I didn't have the strength,

to believe in something more.

You have so much love in your heart to give,

so much beauty in all that you are,

Such a knowing and perceptive mind,

a soul so very loving and kind.

Such a beautiful smile, and eyes to match your mind,

tiny windows to your soul,

lit up by your amazing inner glow.

The every curve of your body,

that will fit my hands so well,

your loving touch against my skin,

your delicious mouth making me burn within.

You are so very beautiful to me,

and I'm perfectly content with spending all the time I need,

to make you see every single way.                            

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