notice you watching, me,

from across the room,

I notice you watching,

I notice you aren't quite, what you seem.

I can't help but want to touch you, no,

I can't help it at all,

can't help but want the taste of you, no,

can't help it, no, not at all.

Oh, oh, you spell trouble,

and I can't help but burn with need,

oh, oh, you're in some trouble,

because I burn,

with. this. need.

I know I shouldn't, but just can't resist,

wanting to run my, fingertips, across your lips,

just to feel, that slight, warm moisture,

at their tips.

Your lips are soft, but not quite so soft as mine,

as I whisper, hot breath in your ear, all of my desires,

and speak to you of, this burning need,

my fire.

Wet fingertips are tracing, lightly down your chin,

skin like rubbed velvet as, I trace your throbbing pulse too,

oh, oh, I know what you're thinking, oh,

yes, yes I do, I'll tell you a secret now, oh,

I'm thinking it,


Your lips are trembling now, and I can't resist, anymore,

the tempting taste of you, I'll stop your trembling now,

oh, I know just what to do.

Cup your face gently now, tilt your eyes up to mine,

I could almost forget to breathe, just from,

oh, just from, how they shine.

I taste you gently, now, your mouth, hungry,

on mine, sliding my lower lip, across yours,

right to left, so slowly, I can taste your breath.

A little more pressure now, as I slide back across,

tongue gently teasing your lip, as I taste,

your lip gloss.

I pull back a space, just to see, just what effect,

I'm having, unable to stop smiling, from that,

surprised look on your face.

My chuckle vibrates through your lips,

as I kiss you hungrily, tongue darting in to tease,

the tip of yours, oh, oh,

sweet like candy, oh,

you're just what I need.

Oh, oh this is just the beginning, oh,

you've so much, yet to see.

Dragging my moistened lips, so slowly now,

along your jaw, kissing that soft underskin, oh,

your breath catches as I go, to the hollow of your jaw,

on down your neck I go, sharp teeth tracing the way,

your gasps send shivers down my spine, oh, oh,

just a small sampling of, all you could claim,

if only you were mine.

If only.....

If only...........

If only...............

You were mine.

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