I am the shame you try to hide,

the pain that eats you alive,

the hate inside your heart,

the gaping hole threatening to tear your world apart.

Screaming won't help you get past this pain,

tears won't ease this unending rain,

there is no way out of this game alive,

breaking your humanity is how I thrive,

slowly leaching you of your soul,

is truly my one and only goal.

I give the pleasure you can't deny,

I'm deep inside and past your skin,

no you can't hide away all of that delicious sin.

I am the cravings you love to feed,

the pain you hate and yet you need,

the doubt inside your mind,

planted with a seed.

I am all you fear to embrace,

the drugs that slowly makes you die,

the joy you feel as your heart begins to race.

I am the face in all your dreams,

the name you scream in the silence of your mind,

all you love to hate,

all the wrongs in this world, never made right.

I am the breath you force yourself to breathe,

what you need as you beg down on your knees,

the lies of this world you'd rather believe.

I am the end of all you've ever loved,

the remorseless sky so far above,

as you scream your pain out into the world.

I am the empty, aching void,

the hole inside your soul and in your mind,

the seething darkness so devoid,

of the love and comfort you pray to find.

I will promise you everything,

just to take it all away,

I am the lying lips,

with all the kindest lies to say.

I am the empty, forsaken cold inside,

all you're left with, when your life's been a lie,

the blackest sorrow coursing in your blood,

the unending pain drowning you in its flood,

the everything to you that's real,

but nothing of which you wish to feel.

I am the taker of your life,

the need to plunge in the knife,

the everything you lack,

the false pleasure of a whore.

I am all of the nothing that you've bought,

with your pain and suffering wrought,

the insidious voice inside your mind,

blinding you to all that is real,

the death I cause you to seek,

I'll convince you it's all that is left,

after I've taken it all,

and left you broken and bereft.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All those dark and terror filled moments in life where you feel so alone and wonder if it will ever get any better and doubt it could ever be any worse.

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