Cutting You Out

Why's it always got to be,

lovin you but you've no time for me.

Why does it always seem to be the same,

I'll cry alone and bear the shame.

Why do I always feel alone,

even when you sit right next to me,

nobody's home.

What else would I have to do,

my everything wasn't proof enough for you,

my heart is red, but it's beating blue.

I can't take much more of it,

can't take much more from you,

but if you're all I have,

if you're all I know,

what will I do.

Crying only does so much,

it can't shed the broken skin,

of the heart you crushed within.

No matter what I do,

I know I'm gonna,

gonna lose you.

To pull this bandage off so fast,

or stretch it out and make it last,

the pain's gonna be the same,

but to take it all at once and go insane,

or lose my soul amidst this dying pain.

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