Rose Hazed World

What's it like to see the world,

through those rose colored glasses,

to dance in the rain and miss every drop,

being spared from life's pain and yes,

a heart's innermost shame.

What is it really like to be so blissful,

blissfully ignorant of the dualities of life,

ignorant of the darker desires hidden behind,

those bright smiling eyes.

Does evil exist in your rose hazed world,

have you yet realized, those you love most,

can hurt you the best.

Smiling eyes are only another set of eyes,

when you learn to see through all the convenient lies,

seeing isn't always believing my dear,

when you truly are ready to know,

what's hidden behind that rose colored haze,

just truly open your eyes, and begin to realize,

the bright little things you choose to see,

aren't really part of any reality.

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