dut da da

Sexy time

Will you moan my name,

as your body aches for me.

Imagine my mouth, as I'm craving your taste,

every time you writhe, your need is such,

whimpering for me, as wave after wave,

of pleasure strikes through,

as those blinding bursts of color,

roar through your mind.

Your tightly clenched lip, the only thing,

keeping in your screams, as you lose control.

dut da da, you need it, you want it,

dut da da, you could have it if you,

juuuuust reach.

Now you're screaming my name,

as you shake your fists,

and those words spray out,

with so much anger,

what's the matter dear,

I'm here and I'm listening,

what's the matter dear,

are you afraid I can't hear you?

Maybe I just don't care.

dut da da, you had it, you lost it,

dut da da, it wasn't perfect, but it coulda been,

but you decided not to deciiide.

Why are you crying my name,

did you just realize,

it would hurt without me there,

did you think I'd stop and turn.

Your sobbing only hurts, while I can hear you,

so I'll just go further away,

and bury you further down.

You still scream my name,

as if I can hear you,

till the tears come again,

with the knowledge, the emptiness,

is there, only because you couldn't commit,

the pain burns still, only because,

you wouldn't grab on and appreciate me,

while I was there.

dut da da, you want it, you've lost it,

dut da da, it hurts the most, when no one,

else seems to care.

I never asked for more than I gaaave,

you were offered love that would never faaade,

but it didn't seem like muuuch,

until I was no longer there,

and my heart, was no longer, yours to, touch.

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