Falling Away

You fragile little thing,

life burning so bright,

and heart beating, beating so sweet.

Its frantic pace, makes your neck,

dance with little jerks, as it is highlighted,

by your womanly grace.

Your breathing is fast, your breaths so short,

have you any idea, how the singing of your blood,

mingled with your desire and fear,

cause these dark things to stir.

Fragile beauty, why is it you run,

you've gotten such a late start now,

this race is long begun.

You don't truly seek escape,

at least not from this cold embrace.

The needles and the drugs, never were enough,

so it's me you've come to find,

I offer you such a sweet release,

so different, than any other kind.

But wolves are wolves,

and sheep always, sheep, sweetheart,

you've sheared the wool away,

but you can never wash off,

no you never can,

get rid of that intoxicating smell,

the fear just under your skin.

I can give you things you've never known,

such things, oh these things,

that mortals are seldom shown.

Your flawless skin, just begs,

my hunger to come on in,

never seeming to understand,

you can't make monthly payments like some loan,

I'll give you, in the here and now,

but what I will take from you,

is something which, nothing can replace.

Give me of your life,

warm me with your passion,

take this pleasure of your flesh,

as you take in the cold,

leave the loneliness behind,

as you are consumed, in the void.

Find your acceptance in nothingness,

find your life in the absence of everthing,

feel completion as you get what you've sought,

tell me how it feels, as it all,

fails to bring the relief, that you thought.

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