If I....

Can you tell me why, everytime it rains,

I hear the sound of your tears,

and remember your pain,

that I couldn't kiss away.

The water's pouring down, washing me in blood,

but you don't seem to know,

I'm drowning in the flood.

Every time I couldn't cry,

just locked it away.

Every time I've bled,

'cause the rage, has to be fed,

it never let's me forget,

this heart so full of regret.

No one seems to hear,

my screaming amidst the silence,

I guess it's too much to hope,

that my soul is worth a damn,

no one seems to see,

how this life, this life

is crushing me.  

Throw me a line, or reach for my hand,

save me from my pain,

before it claims me again.

If only I had you there,

your light illuminates the night,

your beauty, yes smiling beauty,

encourages me to fight.

It gives me hope, and helps me hold on

as the tide pulls me away,

and sucks me under.

If only I could hear you say,

if only you would say......

I might have a chance at salvation.

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