Rain Song

I want to see, your tears, as they fall like rain,

I wanna know you feel my pain,

make me believe I'll love again, yeah!

help me pick up the pieces of myself,

mend this broken vessel,

help it to beat once more

Let me know, just one day

I might get to hear you say...

Just make me believe someday you'll say..... yeah!

I'm dancing in the pouring rain,

screaming to those stormy clouds,

the thunder claps and lightning strikes,

they reflect my pain.

The whipping wind, and storm hurled droplets,

all seem to say, it's alright to be broken,

as long as you're flawed to perfection.

I don't feel the need to hide,

anymore since I met you,

all this pain I've held inside.

You laugh at my fears, as you take my hand,

your smile so wicked, yet so pure,

is magical, it's my, it's my


Smile away all my fears,

cleanse me with your tears,

help me laugh when it hurts,

just let me know......... yeah!

Let these angel's tears, cleanse away the pain

take my hand, just take my hand,

come with me, yes, just come with me,

open up and let it bleed out,

be born anew, with me, amidst the storm.

I'm only a man, just a simple man,

but I want you, I need you around,

I wanna make you part of this chaotic plan,

just take my hand, just take my...... yeah!

Come with me beautiful,

there is so much you need to see,

just trust, just trust in me.

Just listen to your heart, something about me,

set's me apart, I know you feel it too.

You have nothing to fear from me,

I just wanna, just wanna

make you....... yeah!

Please, baby please, just believe

I wanna make you feel, I need to make you feel...

just trust your heart with me...... yeah!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first attempt at a song, interesting :)

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