Purple Dress

We’re alone, the lights are turned off and candles are lit giving off a warm, intimate radiance.  I’m wearing only my boxers as you are wearing your purple dress that clings to your hips so seductively.  I stand behind you molding my hands to the contours of your ass, massaging you with my fingertips as I appreciate your figure.  Sweeping the golden fall of your hair off to one side I slowly begin kissing you behind your left ear as I tenderly kiss a trail down the side of your neck, leaving tingles of sensation behind after every kiss that makes your breath quicken and your body burn.  

Reaching down lower, I pull my hands up your silky thighs, sliding under your dress.  I slip my thumbs under those silky black panties you’re wearing where they cling to your ass as I work my hands around to your groin.  You can feel the nearness of my fingers as they stop shy of your pussy.  Mmmm, you want my strong fingers against you so bad, spreading your silky soft labia, caressing the inside of your oh so hungry pussy, wanting so bad to feel the heat of me inside you.  Biting your lower lip in yearning as your body aches to be filled and fulfilled.  

Slipping your dress off your shoulders, it slides down your body revealing the black lacey braw you’re wearing as well as revealing your silky panties.  Wrapping my hands around your waist, I firmly slide my thumbs up your back, loosening the muscles as I go.  Unsnapping your bra, letting it fall to the floor, I slide my hands up your torso to where I cup your perky breasts in my hand, feeling the hardened tips against my palms.  I rub my fingers against the undersides of your breasts before rubbing my cupped palms over you.  Leaving gaps in my finger, I pull my hands upwards against you, your nipples sliding between fingers as I gently knead at you.  As I hungrily kiss both sides of your neck, savoring the soft warmth of your supple body, you feel my sharp teeth sliding against your skin soon followed by my tongue.

I start to kiss a hungry trail down your spine lingering just long enough you wish it could go on forever and yet wanting so much more.  I kneel behind you as I slowly slide your panties down, watching with great hunger for the sight of your delicious pussy.  As you are slowly revealed to me, I’m overcome with the need to ravage you, to take you as never before and fuck you till your screams of passion echo throughout the night.  You lean forward, thrusting your ass towards my face as I take you on the palm of my hands and slowly pull your cheeks apart.  The sight of the moisture clinging to your labia as I spread you coupled with the cock hardening aroma of your moist and throbbing sex combine to make my erection near painful with desire.  You feel the air sigh out of my lungs as I breathe in and exhale your womanly perfume.

Unable to stand it any longer, burning with the need to suck the moisture from your pussy, to have my face pressed against your soft skin, having the smell of your desire, of your wet pussy the only thing I can scent…. I say in a voice gone husky “On the bed love, I want to eat you until you beg me to stop.”  As you lay on your back with your legs spread, heavenly center calling me with magnetic force, you beckon me with a finger as you grin up at me with that knowing smile while you casually spread yourself, showing me how wet you are.  Kneeling before you, with your feet on my chest as you reach down, keeping your pussy spread, baring everything for my mouth, I lean forward and begin to kiss you.  Lightly sucking at your clit, tracing your labia with my tongue, covering you with my mouth as I suck at the sweetness of you.  Rubbing my tongue against you, replacing your moisture with mine, I begin to slide a finger inside you while focusing my tongue against your clit.  Slowly I use the tip of my tongue against you, as I work two fingers into you.  Thrusting my fingers into you and working my tongue up and down and eventually in a figure 8 against your clit, I speed up as the twitching in your legs increases and your breathing quickens and your moans get louder.  Working my finger up and down, in and out, left and right pausing to suck your pussy with my mouth before once more working my fingers deep inside you, I soon have you near breathless as you’re on the verge of explosively climaxing.  Thrusting my fingers into you and holding them there as I rapidly work my tongue against you does it, your legs twitch and spasm till the point where you have trouble holding them up and your body is rocked with the shockwaves of your orgasm.  Your muscles clench and warmth like heat lightning flashes outward from your pussy to every part of your body, leaving you tingly and dizzy as the pleasure throbs through you in time with the beating of your heart.

I kneel over you as you lie there trying to get the room to stop spinning.  I lean towards you, brushing my lips slowly across your bottom lip, the scent of your pussy on my breath, as your mouth responds to mine.  You become aware of my erection against you and as you reach down to tug at me, I whisper in your ear “Mmmm, please baby, suck my cock? Pleeease”.  You hungrily return my kiss as you push me onto my back.  Grabbing my throbbing erection in your hand, sucking off the moisture from the tip. Straddling me you say, “This is what you’ll get later” as you look down into my eyes, you guide me inside you slowly sucking at me with your sex as you slide all the way down and then slowly pull me back out.  Pulling on my cock, feeling how hard I am in your hand, you slowly slide me into your wet mouth.  Rubbing your tongue over my head, sucking at me between your lips as you pull downward at me, rapidly pushing me between your lips as you suck and pull at my cock.  Feeling the muscles of my body tense as the combination of everything slowly becomes too much, knowing I’m holding back from cumming in your mouth so that I can enjoy the sensation longer.  Wanting so badly to feel my cum shoot into your mouth, wanting to feel the hot bursts of cum shoot into you, you hungrily, desperately suck at me.  “Uhhhhhhh” I moan as my cock spasms between your lips releasing bursts of my cum into your waiting mouth as you hungrily suck more from me, pulling to get every last drop out of me.

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