The Fallen

Why is it you're crawlin

dragging yourself forward

toward the cold and uncaring

hearts of those who only stare

(what went through your mind

as you were fallin, as you fell

and your once whole body was shattered)

Where did your wings go

those bleeding stumps look so sad

Oh beautiful one, full of grace

who did your perfection, make mad?

(oh tell me what do you do

your halo has fallen, and

the pieces have scattered)

Knowing the perfection of complete absolution

how does it feel

to be down on your knees now,

begging mercy of those

who only coldly stare.

(don't cry now,

those tears attract them like blood

they'll circle and scavenge

when you are finally too weak to care)

Where is your divinity

as you drag yourself further still.

Those legs are so broken,

as your tears trace tracks of perfection

across your once beautiful face.

(can you see why they hate you

even broken as you are,

you still make them seem as children

but playtime has long since been over

and all they have left

is something for which you could never care)

Your voice rings out

just as clear as the chiming of crystal.

Your beauty only serves to illuminate

how far these forsaken children

have fallen.

(why reach your unconditional love out,

everything to them, has a price

you offer it with one hand,

never even realizing)

They just think you'll snatch it back

when they have decided to hope once more,

with the other and leave them

worse off than before.

(you being of supreme knowledge

can't you see it yet,

these lost and lonely children

have been devoid of good for so long

the feeling of love, they forget)

We're broken and battered

with time you will heal,

our wounds have festered for too long,

and our souls no longer seem real.

(take your benediction

and just leave us be,

your brilliance is painful

for those of us, the light

can no longer see)

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