Carnal Desires

Sexy time

Oh here I am, baby

the one from your dreams.

Made flesh by your needs, darlin

made hard by your deeds.

(come to me sweet thing

come to me now

down on your hands and knees, baby

so I can make you scream)

You like that dontcha, baby

taking it from behind.

How about I lift myself up higher

so on your g spot I can grind.

(don't bite your lip so hard, darlin

you'll make it bleed)

I don't mind how you scream, baby

it fuels this need, and besides, precious

I want the whole building to know of our dirty deed.

(on your back now, darlin

cause I wanna tease)

Your sweat is salty sweet, baby mmm.

How do you like my mouth on your breasts, dear

does it turn you on, knowing my teeth are so near.

(nipples were made for playful teeth you know)

Mmmmmm and the soft underside

is where my tongue yearns to go.

How's that now, dearest

just barely parting, where your sectret lips meet.

(beg a little louder, baby

tell me of your need

I want to hear more of

how you crave my seed)

I don't mind if you whine, honey

just do it for lust.

Your heavenly center

so warm and sweet

I love entering you

just to retreat.

A little at a time

as slow as can be.

I love parting you

just using the tip.

Making you beg for more, from me.

(think you're ready for it hard, my dear

ready for some strong thrusts)

Let me move up higher now

so I slide against your clit.

If you scratch any harder now

my back's gonna bleed.

(those hungry mouthes of yours

one with a tongue

and the other

so hot with your cum)

Are impossible to resist

knees by your chest, love

I want in you deep.

Scream for me now, darlin

as I fill you complete.

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