Feelings Bared

You fill my heart with joy

you bring peace to my soul

you complete me, make me whole.

Your warmth and beauty

encourage parts of me to grow

that have been locked away, in darkness and cold

doomed to slowly wither away.

To know you in person

to feel your flesh

even as you feel mine

I have an overwhelming need.

To save you from harm

I am willing to bleed.

To save your life

I would give mine.

Any pain you have to bear

I will demand that you share.

You embody my greatest hopes

and my darkest fears.

In you, I sense my chance for happiness

for true love

that I've prayed for

for so long.

What if I'm not strong enough

to claim the blessing that you are

not strong enough

to leap from this cliff blindfolded.

I can only imagine my happiness with you

I can't begin to imagine my life without you.

I'm willing to love you with everything I posess

just as you are.

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