First Time

Sexy time

My hands glide along your contours

discovering your form.

A tingling is left in their wake

my love, an impression makes.

My desire causes your flesh to tremble

your knees to quake.

Your mind and body become my sole reality

I become your universe.

Your lips are soft as I hungrily attack your mouth

your tongue so sweet as I begin to satiate my hunger.

Your body so sweet, calls to me

inflames my passion

multiplies my hunger

my desire for you burns so sweetly.

Your nipples beg for attention

as they realize the touch of my teeth and tongue

as I oh so slowly trace around each

with the tip of my tongue.

Then begin to take them in my mouth

as I soooo slowly begin to tug at them

soooo gradually to pull at them.

Your panting and moaning

only making me harder yet.

My tongue makes it's way down to your belly button

leaving behind a trail of hungry kisses in it's wake.

My soft lips gently suck the soft flesh of your stomach

even as I caress you with my tongue.

As I cause you to squirm with arousal

my need to penetrate you

to feel your moist warmth envelope me

is almost more than I can bear.

I am forced to pause

to keep from climaxing

as I fight to control myself.

The silky warmth of your thighs against me is blissful

my hunger draws me to them.

My hands and mouth lightly trace

across your inner thighs

as my erection becomes almost painful

yet I am able to resist it's call for a little longer.

As I work from your knee to your groin

the scent of your womanly core

makes breath hard to come by.

As my mouth delivers it's touch

your thrashing and panting moans can be ignored no longer.

I throw a leg over each shoulder

as I begin to slowly push your knees against your chest.

Your center calls to my phallus

like a hungry, pink mouth.

As I begin to enter you

I have to hold my breath

to keep from losing myself in you

and letting go my control.

The mind numbing pleasure of you is to much

when you contract around me.

The breath rushes out of me in a gasp

as I explode into you

robbing me of strength.

I colapse beside you in bed

as the warmth spreads throughout me.

I cradly your head against my chest

as we both drift off.....

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