Feeding the hunger

Sexy time

I begin to slowly circle you

looking you up and down.

You are fully clothed

though my eyes see you bare

with only your beauty to wear

the beauty that so stirs my hunger.

As I pace around you

my fingers trace the outline of your form

your silky flesh only fuels the coming storm.

I stop behind you suddenly

you long to turn around

to find out what is distracting

what is keeping us from interacting.

The warmth of my breath on your neck stops you

the nearness of my body warms you.

My single finger between waistband and skin

that slowly roves back and forth

brushing slightly against your ass and the cleft between

stirs you.

My other hand slips inside your shirt

even as the lone finger is joined by others.

It creeps past your hips and settles on your stomach.

I begin to slowly stroke

to slowly caress the fine hairs around your belly button

sometimes brushing the ring nearby.

The hand behind you

slowly starts to climb up your back

tracing each rib and vertabrae

leaving desire's fire behind.

You realize you are leaning against my chest

as my hand reaches up and unclasps your bra.

My other hand pulls it from under your shirt.

A whimper escapes your control

as my lips brush your neck

my mouth pulls at your earlobes

my teeth so near.

My hand reaches your breast

and finds your nipples quite hard

I begin to gently tug

then to gently pull.

My other hand begins to slowly, forcefully

push against your ass

as it makes it's way to the hem of your skirt.

Once there

my fingers slowly trace their way of the back of your leg.

Once at the apex

I begin to tease your inner thigh as I go back down.

Feeling every shudder that courses through your body

delighting in every moan from your lips

even as I begin to tease you with my finger tips.

Your skirt slithers to the floor

you look down, only to see

your shirt was unbuttoned

as your mind wandered far away

from the flesh upon which I play.

It now joins the pile at your feet.

Into my arms you fall

as I lift you up and carry you to the bed you only now notice

even as my mouth discovers your womanly charms.

All too soon, we reach the bed

upon silken sheets of blood red you lie.

My predator's gaze pauses to take in your beauty

when I look you in the eye,

you see the demons inside that long to play.

A growl rumbles past my lips

as I bare my teeth if a wolfish smile.

The hunger built inside, won't much longer take denial.

As I kneel upon the bed

your legs on either side of me

I loom over you.

Your frenzied heartbeat I feel

the need in you, my blood itself breathes

the sin within I smell as it seeps through your skin.

The moisture at your center, I can taste.

I fall to all fours upon the bed

and casually begin to crawl towards you.

Your vision narrows as you watch me approach

the bed seems to grow impossibly long

and I seem far away, yet you see my face

and you fall into the fires that my eyes have become.

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