Within there lies a black void

it is devoid of all emotion

all feeling, except for the cold.

It at times, looks through my eyes, with me unawares.

I long to just let go

to let the pain and the joy just fall away

to welcome in the cold.

While my alter ego is free

to dance and play

while within my shell

my heart and I shall stay.

Away from all care, all remorse

and let the demon run his course.

For inside, the screams go unheeded

they begin to fade away.

My throat now is hoarse

my every action a misdeed

my every word oh so malicious.

The demon begins to tire, begins to bore.

Within my shell

my heart lies broken.

Within the pieces

life exists no more.

Everything I've begun

everything I've started...

now lies broken and shattered.

I can no longer bring myelf to care.

I watch as everything I've wrought

is soon scattered by the wind

as the dust is blown away

all around I see

nothing but grey.

Inside nothing exists

everything is gone.

Only......... my pain....

yet lingers on.......

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