I gaze into your eyes

from between parted lips

unbeknownst to me

escapes a sigh.

Centered betwixt my thighs

there starts a burn

which causes me

for yours, to yearn.

Within my soul

my hold it slips....

In my mind

my guard it dips.

My secret urge

is to bite you upon the lips

for to watch the crimson as it drips, from the rip

in your skin I have wrought.

As my mouth begins

to nibble and caress

you are filled

with the want of my body to posess.

As my tongue gently glides along the contours of your thighs

from between your parted lips, escapes a sigh

as you moisten and start to burn

for my body does yours yearn.

Your soul is set afire with awakened desire.

I throw fuel upon the flames

for to prolongue the pain, the need

works to both our gain.

As you beg and I tease

your need for release does yet increase

my teasing has yet to cease.

My tongue begins to wander

and the mysteries of your womanhood, does it ponder.

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