Of Devils and Angels

I breathe in the night and the dark,

breathing out this hunger, with every breath,

craving something I can never find.

I feel the anger, simmering just below,

to the ends of this earth I'm willing to go,

to silence the roaring in my soul,

all for the need to find that something,

that someone, to help fill up this,

aching. bleeding. empty. hole.

When the darkness comes, this guise falls away,

smiling eyes slip into the past,

knowing gaze and hungry soul,

bared teeth glisten in a smile.

You think you know the game we play,

you've done so much, to try and look so good,

I slide my eyes up your every curve,

to meet your smirk, and that eyebrow you quirk.

I can smell your ignorance,

you taste of all that is naive,

the purity is scented,

from mile upon distant mile.

Your smile holds all that you presume to know,

eyes searching the depths of mine, assuming,

I'm like every other guy, that's come,

only to go.

I have no interest in you, child,

only that which you represent,

I can feel my hands on your body,

taste the sensation, as you let your cares all go,

as you open yourself and let me in,

making your body sing with this darker passion,

wrapping you up in my sin.

I'll take from you this burden,

no longer need to hide anymore,

I will take all your purity away,

give you all you think you want,

I'm going to make you into my precious.

little. broken. used up. whore.

It will be everything you've dreamed of,

you'll enjoy every inch, of the downward slide,

I'll love you and break you,

making you into a new design.

You will never be happier,

than you are with me.

I'll make you believe all my lies,

your reality will become,

my dirty little fantasy.

Your chains will be stronger than your heart,

yet lighter than silken spider web.

Always seeking that forbidden fruit,

well it's found you, baby,

and you no longer have any right to choose.

Your happiness will slip away,

I'll break your spirit as I take from you,

everything you were but never wanted,

I'll fill you with this disease,

my infection.

Wave goodbye as it's taken,

say farewell to what you've already forgotten,

as I desecrate, your flawless perfection.

You chose to take my hand, every step of this dance,

you've cried with the emotion,

no drug has ever made you feel,

you craved what I offered,

now craving more is all that's left for you.

Everything of this, you've chosen,

I made all your darkest wants come true,

I did it all, every step of this hell,

was designed just for you.

I've made your wishes reality,

even the ones you couldn't speak,

you've traded me your everything,

for this nothing, I have the gift to create.

Wrapped up deep in the candy coated lies,

I've made you mine and you helped it become so,

your beautiful life was sweet to the touch,

I loved you and used you,

yet with every breath, you want it more.

My lovely, precious, little whore,

I'll make you give and give,

'till you are no more.

You can't help but love me, your addiction,

your destruction.  Silken words, knowing caresses,

I've bound you to me with casual seduction,

your body is mine to do with as I desire.

All focus is on the pleasure of your flesh,

your crying soul long since forgotten,

I'll devour everything you are,

I'll take it all and so much more,

when I wrap you up in the flames,

that burn this blackened heart with fire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I say "child" ...No, I do not mean child as in a kid.  It isn't literal.  Simply a metaphor for someone who hasn't seen much or experienced much.

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