I stare across at you, across this chasm of time,

Your eyes fixated at my feet, unable to lift up from the ground,

Heart beating in quick rhythm, blood coursing in sync with mine,

Separate pieces yearning for, something that each other has found,

Both wills seeking, madness or the cure, nonetheless aching to,

Close this yawning gap, make these broken halves whole,

Shrink space and time and make you, make you. . mine.

Mine. . .

Falling in to the moment, your face in an eternity of freeze-frame seconds,

Face so clear I could draw you blind, heart so near I can never tell when,

It's your heart beating or mine, hands on your skin, never knowing where,

You end and I begin, lost in your sensation, your skin drawing me in,

Swimming in this sweet sea, lost in - tactile appreciation,

Twining 'round me, beckoning me on with such pure. . .carnal elation.  

Your lips on mine igniting, the slow-burn sparks of longing,

Low moan escaping, connection flaring; the chemical burn; fireworks glaring,

Lost and floating, finding all the cracks in space and time as we slip and flow between,

Motionless as we clench, bodies ravenous and clinging, desperate to burn our fingers in the flame,

You are parting - opening. . .siren call; a chemical assault as old as time, my senses reeling as your lips find me,

As your lips find me. . .

As your lips find me. . .

Your soft lips; my neck aflame; your hunger-laden imprint; wet fire in my veins,

Your soft pink lips, honeyed-rose wetly sliding - a burning temptation; such warm invitation,

Muscles arching, aching as the scent of you invades me, mind and senses - laser beams,

Burning into you as the world fades from view, only me,

Only you. . .

Only you. . .

Sliding into your most. .intimate acceptance, gripping me as my fist in your hair grips you,

Breath mingling and hearts beating, beating to the same drum; hearts pounding a tribute to,

Life burning through us; this raging torrent of exhilaration, forging us in this shared bond,

Driving in to you; thrust shaking you head to toe as the gasp from your mouth, escapes into mine,

Your hungry whimper. . .felt more than heard, pulls my beast brain forward, draws out my. . .

Carnal elation. . .

Carnal elation. . .

Your body is my escape; your flesh my only reality; your moans the coal to stoke this flame,

Your elation is our destination as I make you. . .mine, your body waters me as,

As. . .the desert craves the elusive rain, lost in the experience of you; drowning with a smile,

Lost in the magic of you, . . .drawn into the brilliance of your eyes, falling mile after mile.  

Falling. . .

Both fists in the back of your hair; gripping and cradling as my elbows above your shoulders are,

Holding; blocking your progression - your slide away from me, attempted escape from my exploring,

Your warmest secrets as you pull at me hungrily, the sensation of you the pinpoint of my reality,

Hands finding the muscles of my arms; bicep gripping as we so sweetly sin,

Softly sweet cries lighting brush fires in my mind; on your knees now; fist in your hair arching you,

Thrusting back as I slide wetly into you; the growl escaping my lips makes deep muscles clench,

Your cries for god; the only answer; strong hands on your hips pulling you back,

Thrusting forward and deeply stirring, holding you there as I grind myself fully inside you,

God will turn away from us, as I make you. . .

Make you mine.  

Paradise found in your arms, as this reality is made to seem a farce, you the only island worth saving,

The only sensation worth savoring, your hands frantic as they search; purchase sought and only found,

Temporarily, unsure of where or how to be they perform a butterfly dance, as your whimpers grow,

In hitch and in their rapidly increasing pitch, your mind focusing on the inevitably approaching,

Warm horizon so quickly encroaching, this tidal wave to sweep you under and bend you to my will,

Make you mine. . .

Make you mine. . .

Pulling you under; your erupting cries swallowed in the hunger of my mouth on yours,

Tongues searching and wires sparking, chemical conduits; blazing brilliance,

Reality our plaything with time on an elastic string,

Your need for me as fuel for my need of you, your hunger screamed and screaming into me,

The animal you've unleashed; an echoing howl in this moonlit wilderness; haunting as it carries,

Spectre of yours or missing twin, in this our sweetest sin.

Our sweetest sin.   




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