For You

My Best

I can see into those eyes of yours

Where emotions run overflowing and so deep

I lay awake at night wondering when I can see them again

Like a night flower waiting for the moonlight to breathe

Living in this nightmare is a little more bearable and

After bleeding for so long, I've become so weak

Lying in the darkness hope becomes a ghost so

Why do I wait for your heart to save me?

Always wishing for when my soul will wake

You breathe life into it, gentle but deadly

So soon will these thick shields break?

Weathering down with your blunt strength against me

All alone I wander in this darkness blinded

I wait silently for your hand to reach me

Time stands still in this cold world of mine

For love is for the privileged and I know that's not me

Over and over I tell myself not to drink the poison but I

Realize too late that your shadow's the only one I see

Your warmth kept me alive for so long and so

Only for you does this stupid heart of mine beat

Unlimited are these feelings so I can say that even if I can't keep you, you can keep me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for someone very important to me.....but he doesnt know it

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