My Dark Wolf

My Best

My dark wolf

Come to me this night

Come destroy me

Take a bite

Take this mortal body

In which I am trapped

Taste this flesh

Eat this skin that bounds me

Rip the meat off my soul

Take me alive

Claim me with no mercy

Eat my fears

Consume my weakness

Devour it all

Satisfy your hunger

Your insatiable lust

Don't look back

Don't regret

Swallow my black heart

Covered in sins

Drink the blood

Taste the euphoria

The decay that flows through my veins

Lick you lips

Crush my bones

Tear me apart

Break this structure

Give me a different form

Take it all

Leave no trace

Drain all my blood

Let no drops remain

Leave nothing behind

Leave nothing left of me

Nothing at all

An empty soul

With breathless lips

My dear wolf

Breathe your darkness into me

Give me a new life

Make me stronger

Make me unbreakable

I want to be reborn

Reborn into something beautiful

Something deadly

Something evil

Something like you

My dear dark wolf

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this began as a begging for death but then i realized it seemed more sexual...>_> so i guess this turned out to be about the time i lost it. hehheh

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