You took my hand

Held it close

Kept it warm

From the cold

The words you said

Seemed so true

Through those lips

You can't undo

My broken heart

I thought you'll mend

You broke it

Once again

Too many pieces

So little time

Can I be saved

Through your lies?

I mean nothing to you

I know that now

Just forget me

And let me drown

These tears I cry

Are caused by you

Are you happy now?

Are you through?

You said you'll save me

You said you care

But it's hard to believe

That you'll really be there

These silent tears

You'll never see

No need to care

No need to be

Don't stand there thinking

You'll be the one

The one to hold me

Cuz I'm already gone

We could've been together

But you pushed me away

Hope you regret this

Regret this everyday

I won't wait anymore

I won't cry

This is the end

This is goodbye

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