suckle upon the corpse of beloved notions
lacquered over with hungry contentions
hung into explicit suspension

bombs for the franchised to please, set at ease
appease the fucked up beliefs
of the prideful boobs on masquerade

a noose to feed
to feed the masses with a show
a death parade

facetious the feces delivered by a handshake
lickin' it up
lickin' it up
slurp up the good stuff
need, need, need someone to hate
to hate
it's a distraction to breed sinister actions
modes of fractures

suckle upon the corpse of beloved notions
spattered over with impossible promises
shaped into uncomfortable dimensions

now sweep the streets for variance
the slop or the stench
of those who might not fit in
or offer some resistance

suckle upon the tit
suckle upon the swell of shit

raise the glass and know it's half empty
and know it's half full with regurgitated vomit
regurgitated promises
using the broken olive branch to stoke the fire
to roast the donkey and elephant meat too rotten to eat

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