The Mask that is Me


I wear a mask too,

Like everyone I hide,

I hide the truth,

The pain,

My fear.


I smile for the camera, 

I am strong for my loved ones,

but inside I'm not that perfect,

I am falling apart,

Crumbling like old clay.


Honestly if you really knew me,

You would know I bare a secret,

One which haunts me,

I hold in the pain of abandonment,

Filling my heart with fear,

I can't trust easily,

Fearing being let down again,

My body is littered with scars,

Inside and out.


Although darkness and secrets are haunting me,

I am full of light and truth,

Full of hugs and love,

I manage to find a smile,

even when times are rough,

To laugh,

Even when the pain is too much,

To care,

Even when I am hiding behind my mask.

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