3 two 1

three to one

you still want me

three to two

you still love me

three to three

we'll never be

i can't help but remember that time you surprised me with my favorite dinner with candles and my favorite song playing.  

i can't help but recall that time we kissed in the back of your sister's explorer, it was all i ever wanted.

i can't help but remember that time we sat under the stars and just held each, because it was enough.

i can't forget the time you called me stupid for not coming to see you.....

i can't push away  the time you told me i was lying, and that i really had meant to hurt you....

i can't forget the time you told me to "shut the fuck up!" because i was only defending myself.....

i can't push away all the times you convinced me i didn't care, and you could not have been more wrong.....

i did care.....

but now i am making myself lack that quality

but only because i heard it so many times it became true,

because of you.

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