Unraveling of the Mind

My Works

We search the Earth,

with hungry eyes,

for those heroes that roam the skies.

And into the void

that we dare travel,

away from our measly miserable lives,

we find that we are so much smaller

than a grain of sand among the water.

And in our quest for a deeper reason

we find who we are and what we’re about

as our lives begin to change with each season

we want to believe that there is something bigger

something greater

in that wide expanse.

The infinite number of choice and circumstance,

Outweighs the weight of everything you know.

Another world exists through the veil

if you let your mind wander

and your body sail.

As you unlock the cell of your soul,

you will find that the universe

has just begun to unfold.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

What started out as a random thought on a random day.

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