Shadowed dreams

Song lyrics

The sun fades away

As I wake up this morning

The sun is gone now

The moon is dead

I see what lies there

A haunting dream

A shadow of what could be.

Shadowed dreams

Shadowed dreams

Why do you haunt me so?

In here

The shadows flicker below me

On me

Silently they stride towards me

Almost like a dream As I stand there


Lost in the beauty

The misery

Shadowed dreams

Shadowed dreams

Why do you entrance me so?

They take me to places unseen

Not found By man By me

They take me to where I have never been

Nor another living soul

Shadows surround me now

Taking my life into them

So now I’m a shadow

Nothing more than a memory

Nothing more than a shadowed dream

(shadowed dreams)

(shadowed dreams)

(why do you like me so?)

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