To Blame

Long poems

Maybe I’m insane

Maybe I’m the same

Nothing to take me higher

Maybe I’m to blame

Maybe were the same

Nothing to stop the fire

But I feel no shame

Nothing left to say

Soon I’ll fade away

You and me

We have no faces

Soon our lifes will be races

Soon people will feed upon my despair

On the road to hell

I want to leave theses places

All alone is how I’m trapped for all time

You have some feeling in you heart

So stop fucking with my mind

I’ll bear it in the morning

Till my despair is gone

I am disguising the pain inside me

I want to wake up

I’m giving up

You and me

We have no faces

Soon our live will be replaced by hatred

How I wish I could fly

Where nothing is above me

A place where I can die

And no one will cry

I’ve gone insane

The sadness to great

The pain to painful

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