Willingly Insane

People see me, thinking I'm a swell chick

But I've a problem that doctors with pills cannot fix.

I locked myself in a padded cell, and threw away the key

So I can enjoy my jolly time, contained in unbridled insanity


I made my dark choice

Can't ignore me if I have no voice


I have headmates just dying to come out

I can promise you it's not me making that shout

Not just my personality, bu whole brain got shattered

It delights me to see one's guts get splattered


Sewed my mouth shut

Silently I give a fake smile


But not all is well in the white padded room

Zara thinks it's unfair that SHE is the one doomed

What about all those other little shits?

The bullies who initally sent her into fits?


My budding life did suddenly wilt

You shall pay with blood spilt


Zara is crawling in your yard, slinking in the night

Her pretty axe packs quite a bite

From your deck to your room, slither like a snake

Your roting corpse in a yummy crimson lake


Your nasty actions turned the beauty into beast

Killing me the only way to stop me once unleashed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a mixture of feelings, other people's feelings, some random characters, and I don't even know what else...Enjoy!

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