Saraswati 2014



Afternoon of third February

Tomorrow is "Basant Panchami"

Goddess Saraswati'll be worshipped

At homes in the city-however rich or poor

Clay idols............................. big and small

Adorns a makeshift roadside stall

Aquiline,pretty,young Goddess

Stuffed with clay and papermache

Goddess of education,art,music

Created laboriously by some poor artist

Who makes a meagre living out of it


Marketplace crowded-buzzing with activity

Marigold garlands,tiny inedible green coconuts

Mango leaf bunches,clay pots,wooden quills

Coloured paper cut decorative hangings

With items of fruit bought for The Goddess

People spend beyond means, happy nevertheless

Small schoolchildren collect subscription for Puja

From homes,shops and even the wayfarer

None deny-- -- scared of the Goddess' ire

Brass and copper plates are cleaned

The night before is busy the Grand Ceremony


Tomorrow the face of the Goddess'll be uncovered

For all to fold hands and seek blessings placing before

Her image all their instruments of learning.....

Their books,pens,pencils,paints,musical instruments

Goddess Saraswati looks and smiles happily

Sees the humble victuals offered before her

They'll light oil lamps before the clay idols

So very true,so heartfelt,nothing false

They'll pray Yes pray fervently,ardently

For the sureshot blessings from Goddess Almighty

This is what makes my city tick; not its glitty !!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Saraswati Puja shall be celebrated tomorrow . The puja itself is for about 2 hours.The preparations are timetaking.Priests are much in demand on that day. I just love to see the transformation amongst people.Such is the power of belief!!! People haggle for the idol also !! She is depicted sitting on a swan with a veena in her hand.

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