Mumbo Jumbo

This is a sequel to Voodoo

The small village in a remote District

Let's call it Weirdvill where the river runs deep

"Meena Dainy" a lady avoided by all

Except by those who direly need her services

"My six month old daughter falls sick often"

"Ah !  "buri nazar" of your next door neighbour"

"What do I have to do my Respected Meena?"

"Sprinkle these few rice grains on her doorstep"

The visitor did as she was told .............

Her daughter became sick again the next day

Meena Dainy was called..........

"Put this vermillion paste on your front wall"

Next day the small child began puking and had high fever

Again Meena Dainy was called........

"I am sorry ! your neighbour's "powers" are high"

Next day the mother summoned a doctor.......

The child was given a saline drip and tablets

Two days later she was bubbling and happy!!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Meena Dainy>>> Meena= a lady's first name, Dainy = witch

buri nazar = ill wishing looks


This happens in India... not in Africa

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