Gravity of ignorance binds us into orbits

Knowledge of the unknown can break us free

Men have relished ,experienced,revealed

In languages we fail to decipher today

Sinking into the depths we grab a piece to keep afloat

We forget that we are all like a small leaky boat

Floating merrily down the moving stream

Methinks:Please look around the magnificent banks

Look up to the sky above and say your thanks

For the pretty coloured flowers,birds,animals,people

The song of the rippling water will lull you to sleep

The flowers' fragrance is not yours to keep

Fruits of your labour hang above in bowers

Either you eat or others its all the same

Try your hand at something new;don't feel any shame

Gaze up at the wondrous stars lying afloat

Don't worry- the 'oar' will keep safe your boat

When you reach the orbit's end cast off your coat

What were those writings in the Holy Books?

Now obliterated,splashed with ignorant reign

Tiny fragments of doctrines haven't eased the pain

The gentle squirrel clambering...its bushy tail

Black-yellow maneaters; model for every male

A poacher's bullet may make them carpets for sale

The wobbling ,the bouncing,the twisting,the turning

Till the "orbit" is over don't fear drowning 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Real wisdom is far far away and ...................................... 

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